How We Help

“It’s not just the mother’s that are getting helped here, it’s the children that are here—the ones that didn’t have a choice of where they were going to be. And because of that, it allows for a better generation. We don’t know where these kids would’ve ended up if their mom’s hadn’t take that chance to go to Mother House”.


Building Confidence

Mother House is a program that strives to build our residents' confidence and skills for a successful future. We serve pregnant women in need during both their prenatal and postpartum journeys.


More than a Shelter

Mother House is a program designed to change the lives of underserved women, and to prepare them for a stable future. Residents utilize medical & educational services in the community, they improve their decision-making skills, and they learn how to prioritize the physical and mental wellbeing of their children and themselves.

Our Facility

Mother House can accommodate up to 7 women and their babies at a time. Our home is designed to encourage residents to bond with one another and create a supportive, clean, and communicative environment for everyone, giving them independence while also making friends and facilitating a supportive community.

Residents use this program to make new choices, to concentrate on what they want in their lives, and find strategies to stabilize themselves and their families.