More than just a shelter.....

Picture of two mothers holding their babies in the kitchen of Mother HouseThe Mother House program was created by a group of concerned women in the city of Boulder, after they noticed several homeless women who were pregnant and without support.  

At first, they invited these women into their home so that they could receive a warm bed, support and remain safe. Then, with the help of local organizations and businesses, Mother House was established as a house near the University of Colorado.

Over the years, Mother House has grown and added additional services.  In 1996, after a large fundraising campaign, the program was moved to a beautiful new building in downtown Boulder to accommodate more women.  In 2013, Mother House received a large capital improvement grant from the city of Boulder to remodel the kitchen and dining area, as well as update appliances and do some major repair to the building.

In late 2013, Mother House hired its first “full time” Executive Director and in mid 2014, hired its first Coordinator to assist residents and supervise volunteers.

Mother House’s mission is to provide a safe haven for pregnant women who are at risk.  We are here to protect mothers and their babies, provide a nurturing and safe home, and to give women the skills are resources necessary to lead a successful and self-reliant future.

Since we opened the doors to Mother House, over 850 women and babies have received services.  Their children have gone on to lead happy and successful lives of their own! We work hard to help our residents gain the tools they need to move forward after they leave us.