Picture of the Mother House Board in a meeting

Mother House Board of Directors supports the work of the agency and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance. All members are expected to give financially to Mother House as well as help raise funds for the sustainability of this important program in the community. As of 2018, our board is co-chaired by the adult daughter of one of our original Mother House volunteers, this board chair brings with her not only institutional knowledge of the 30-year history of Mother House, but also the experience of having grown up literally in the same house as some of our original clients!

Below you will find names of the Staff and Board of Directors.

  • Lisa Sweeney-Miran, Executive Director
  • Shanan Collins, Program Director
Board of Directors
  • Nikki Cohen ~ President
  • Kari Stoltzfus - Vice President
  • Mindy Mader-Ugur
  • Peri Shaplow
  • Abby McClelland
  • Leslie Burgess
  • Heidi Schamber
  • Becky Herman
Advisory Board & Steering Committee