As of June/July 2018 we have a high need for all of the following items:

       - DIAPERS!!!!  We will take any size, the more the better.

       - Formula.

       - DVD Player - ours just broke and our pregnant mamas want to put their feet up.  ;)

       - Ipad - old is fine, small is fine - we're not picky as long as it works!

       - Large, plastic, lidded storage containers (for clothes, etc.)

       - Maternity clothes - particuarly those suitable for work; any maternity clothes are welcome, especially black slacks sizes 10-16.

       - Co-sleepers, DockATot sleepers would be incredibly welcomed and any other cosleepers would be happily accepted as well.

       - Our shared kitchen is in need of a rice cooker and some good knives for prep work.

       - Heating pads of any kind (plug-in, microwavable, self-heating, etc.)

       - Strollers

       - Coffee Maker

       - Belly bands or other pregant-tummy supporters.  :)


Please call us at 303-447-9602 to set up a drop off time and thank you for your support!