As of April/May2018 we have a high need for all of the following items:

       - Ipad - old is fine, small is fine - we're not picky as long as it works!

       - Umbrella

       - Maternity clothes - particuarly those suitable for work; any maternity clothes are welcome, especially black slacks sizes 10-16.

       - Co-sleepers, DockATot sleepers would be incredibly welcomed and any other cosleepers would be happily accepted as well.

       - Our shared kitchen is in need of a rice cooker and some good knives for prep work.

       - Heating pads of any kind (plug-in, microwavable, self-heating, etc.)

       - Belly bands or other pregant-tummy supporters.  :)


Because Mother House’s facility is short on storage space, we don’t have the ability to accept all donations. Below, you’ll see the items that we are always in need of for our program. You can be assured that we will gratefully accept anything from this list.  Please call us at 303-447-9602 to set up a drop off time.