Are you pregnant and don't have a stable living situation?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and need help planning for your future and connecting with the services you need?

Do you need a safe, supportive place to live during your pregnancy and in the first months after you've given birth?

...if the answer to any of these questions is "yes", Mother House may be the place for you.


Building confidence
More than a shelter, Mother House is a program that strives to build our residents' confidence and skills for a successful future. We serve pregnant women in need during both their prenatal and postpartum journeys, whether they decide to parent or choose adoption.

Mother House is located in Boulder, Colorado.  Residents come primarily from Colorado, but we have had residents from other locations.  Many applicants arrive early in their pregnancies and the avererage post-partum stay is 4 months.  However, Mother House supports and welcomes applicants at any stage of pregnancy and we strive to make our policies, programs, and timelines fit the specific needs of our residents.

Our facility provides a family environment where women can participate in group living, which helps to give support and promote friendships that will hopefully last long after leaving Mother House.  We often invite our alumni back to visit with current residents and continue to offer our support when they might need it.

Residents participate in weekly educational presentations which provide information on such topics as birthing and parenting, community resources, healthy relationships, health & wellness, budgeting, life skills, and topics related to their needs. Residents are also required to work or go to school at least 20 hours per week while living at Mother House.

Residents are encouraged to enroll in pregnancy, birth and parenting classes at Boulder Foothills Hospital, with Mother House covering the cost.

Residents receive information on how to connect with a multitude of community services, many of which require a legal residence to qualify – which Mother House provides. These services include:

  • Pre-natal and birthing health care (such as provided by People’s Clinic in Boulder)
  • Medicaid and Food Stamps
  • WIC program (Women and Infant Children) – provides dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and formula
  • NFP – Nurse Family Partnership – visiting nurses who guide new moms and offer information on the development of infants
  • CIP (Community Infant Project)- support during pregnancy and transition to parenthood.  
  • GENESIS – a parenting program for young women who have become pregnant while under the age of 20
  • CCAP – Colorado Child Care Assistance Program
  • TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, when qualified
  • FSS - Family Self Sufficiency Program in Boulder
  • For women in any legal or treatment programs, adherence to their requirements is mandatory for remaining in the program

Signing up for community services are mandatory for residents.  The staff at Mother House can assist with forms, contacts and oversight however you will be responsible for completing the work.

In order to apply for residency, you must provide proof of pregnancy and submit to a background check.  We require a damage deposit of $100, which will be returned if your room is cleaned when moving out.  A small amount of rent is required to live at Mother House, partial and full scholarships are available for the first month's rent to those that qualify.

Upon entry into Mother House, residents have a transitional period of one month to find employment, register for services and begin their pre-natal care.

All of the requirements for living at Mother House are essential steps in becoming empowered and independent for future success.